About Us

CCM Executive Board

Marie Garrison, Chair – Butte, Montana

Debbie Hanneman – Whitehall, Montana

Bob Haseman – Townsend, Montana

Rob Thomas – Dillon, Montana

CCM is the umbrella organization for several southwestern Montana groups that are located along the currently abandoned, proposed MSTI routes. These groups work together to form a non-partisan, statewide organization that supports citizen involvement in promoting responsible and innovative energy solutions. CCM continues to coordinate efforts of Save Scenic Jefferson Valley Coalition (greater Whitehall area), MoveMSTI (greater Butte area), Stop the Grid (Townsend area), Friends of Southwest Montana (Twin Bridges and Madison County), and Keep it Rural (Dillon area) for Montana’s energy future.

Further questions? Please call Marie Garrison, CCM Chair, 406-267-3101 or email CCM at:

Please join us in our efforts in working towards a responsible and innovative energy future for Montana.

Snail mail can reach us at: P.O. Box 86, Divide, Montana 59727

Subirrigated hayfield near Fish Creek, Jefferson Valley, southwestern Montana.
Sub-irrigated hayfield near Fish Creek, Jefferson Valley, southwestern Montana. This hayfield is along what was a proposed MSTI route.