Who Is Leading The TELIS Project?

  • Mr.  Jim Sanders, MBA, will lead the TELIS Project as the Principal Investigator. A certified general appraiser since 1991, he is the President of Real Estate Appraisal Litigation, LLC in Tucson, Arizona. His business focus is expert witness work involving eminent domain and complex issues including high voltage transmission lines, cell phone towers, noise, and stigma.
  • Dr. Peter Colwell will serve as Program Advisor. He is an Emeritus Professor of Finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he held the Office of Real Estate Research Professorship. His research emphasis was on land value issues.
    • Mr. Sanders and Dr. Colwell are esteemed experts in real estate valuation. The two collaborated on an extensive analysis on the impact of high voltage power lines on farm ground in Wisconsin and Illinois. Results of the analysis are  consequential for both states, lending credibility and urgency for further studies.

The TELIS Project research team has partnered with Concerned Citizens Montana (CCM), an educational non-profit that supports citizen involvement in promoting responsible and innovative energy solutions. CCM plays an influential role in the shaping of Montana energy and associated eminent domain policy. Along with the TELIS Project team, CCM seeks transparent studies that will outline the impact of power lines on real estate values.

  • Dr. Debra Hanneman, President of Whitehall Geogroup, Inc. and executive board member of CCM, will serve as the liaison for CCM, the TELIS Project researchers, and project participants. Dr. Hanneman’s background in scientific research will be instrumental in the TELIS Project as she will oversee the project’s general scientific methodology.

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