Why Is The TELIS Project Needed?

The TELIS Project seeks in-depth independent analysis of data in order to glean valuable, non-biased insights into the effects of electrical lines on real estate values.

  • Although many existing studies have been conducted on the effects of high voltage power lines on property values, glaring issues are evident in these reports, including:
    • Model misspecification errors such as predicting price when the natural log of price is more appropriate, omitted variable issues, or other issues regarding the validity of the regression analysis model used.
    • Large data sets over many locations indicating possible data heterogeneity issues.
    • Violations of regression analysis assumptions including large outliers, non-linear relationships between predicted and predictor variables, and non-normal distribution of residuals.
    • Previous researchers refuse to release the data to allow others to re-examine and validate the results. As a result, there is no way to check the model and verify that the intended question has been measured. Consequently:
      • In a recent study where data were available, we found what we believe to be gross errors leading to erroneous results.
      • Power companies are relying on these unverified data to support their claims of no or little loss in value to the remaining properties. As described above, there appear to be many statistical issues with previous property valuation studies, but these issues cannot be studied without the underlying data.
      • Without the ability to replicate the prior studies, these studies do not pass as scientifically credible. We believe they should not be relied upon by appraisers or the courts.
  • The issue of non-transparency of the data violates basic principles of the scientific method. We propose a fully transparent series of research projects that will quantify the data, use fair comparisons, and draw conclusions as objectively as possible.

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